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HEMLATA initiated the building of wells in villages in Rajasthan, with the BAREFOOT COLLEGE. In the United Nations Year of Water, in the dry north-western state of Rajasthan in India where girls and women have …
July 2014
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For people suffering from chronic diseases, the environment in which they convalesce is important in accelerating recovery. Economically underprivileged families who already spend heavily on treatment rarely have the privilege of a conducive environment …
April 2012
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Kantha Singh was a car mechanic, who shut down his garage, to create a makeshift shelter cum school for 42 orphan children, when their orphanage, in the village of Dampara, Jharkhand, was burnt to …
April 2009
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HEMLATA provided hearing aids to girls at the Sanskardham Vidyala, Mumbai, an institution catering to educational and children with special needs, including those with hearing impairment, autism and other disabilities. Children at the school …
July 2008
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One small step for Cancer wished to build a corpus fund facilitating 1000 children afflicted with cancer, to get a fair and full chance to life. Underprivileged children from all over India, travel to …
April 2007
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HEMLATA has made contributions to the Cleft Foundation, under the auspices of the renowned Swiss surgeon, Prof. Dr. Sailer. The Foundation works towards correcting cleft and lip palate problems among less privileged children. Two …
July 2006

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