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Many young women in marginalized communities are deprived of lives of dignity and self-worth mainly due to a lack of opportunities. In building the model, to address this lack of opportunities and imbalance towards the female gender, our goal was to create systemic change within the given eco-system and unlock the potential for young women as role models, to achieve financial independence.

For every INR/USD 1 invested in the HEMLATA Impact Scholarship, a social and economic ROI of 4.9x is generated over an 8-year period.

HEMLATA's program is unique as it is one of the few NGOs in the country working to empower women with University education supported by mentorship, life-skills, development skills and career skills. Graduate Scholars have proven that with this holistic model, they are not only ready to enter the workforce, but are successfully supporting themselves, contributing to their families, and their communities.

The design of the HEMLATA Impact Scholarship directly targets the UN SDGs of 2030, with a focus on SDG #4: Quality Education, and SDG #5: Gender Equality. The program design also indirectly works towards sustaining SDG#1: SDG#3: SDG#8: SDG#10: and SDG#17.

In all, HEMLATA adheres to 7 of the 17 UNSDGs.



HEMLATA Scholars study at accredited colleges in India and receive the ImpactforHER Scholarship covering tuition fees, boarding, meals, a tablet/laptop. A monthly stipend is provided as pocket money to cover the costs of toiletries, personal expenses, conditional to the Scholar participating in 30 hours of community service per year.


Each Scholar is accompanied by an individual Mentor who serves as a role model, throughout her college journey, imbibing her with self-worth. In bringing Mentors who live outside of India, and who hold CXO level positions at top corporations to interact with our Scholars in India, we are building on diversity of thought and perspective.

Life Skills

Life-Skills based on the 10 life skills defined by WHO, UNESCO, UNICEF are supported by faculty/coaches from IMD Business School (Switzerland). Life-skills (problem solving, critical thinking, effective communication skills, decision making, creative thinking, interpersonal relationship skills, self-awareness building skills, empathy) are essential to the program to enhance learning and inter-personal skills.

Development Skills

To embody our beliefs that learning must not stop in classrooms, regular development skills and learning sessions are organized for our Scholars, through community meetings and webinars. Hosted by experts from across the world, bringing in cross-cultural insights our development skills are aimed to broaden minds and inform on the future of work.

Career Skills

HEMLATA Scholars are supported by professionals on a one-to-one basis to get career ready. Training modules, developed in collaboration with industry partners, include job applications, building resumes, preparation for interviews and group discussions, to help a Scholar in navigating job placements with all necessary know-how and soft skills before they embark on their professional journey. Our goal is to ensure that every Scholar achieves financial independence, is a contributing member to society, and can uplift herself and her family from their cycle of inter-generational poverty.

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